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Area of Study

The Area of Study is the course that every HSC English students in NSW sit, and from 2009 to 2012(!), the study is based on, "Belonging".

Students focus on the meaning of Belonging and how texts (such as books, movies, cartoons... you know) explore it. Don't be alarmed, there is NOTHING hard about it! The whole point of the course is for you to show what Belonging means to you, and justify it using texts of your own choosing.

Define Belonging well, justify it and find texts that shows the same definition as yours. Remember to include how Belonging, relating to your definition, can broaden your understanding of the world. Do that and you'll be fine!

HSC is considered to be stepping stone in a students career. It can help attain a part time job as a receptionist or similar profile in a growing firm. If you are keen to become one, kindly visit