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Concept of Belonging Exercise

Exploring the meaning of Belonging is the first step to broaden your understanding of it. Here are some basic activities/worksheets to help you.

a) Brainstorm all the words that you can think of that relates to Belonging. Try to think outside the square. (Eg. Acceptance, group, guild, affiliation, love, etc.)
b) With the words, define Belonging.
c) Compare it with the dictionary.
d) What does Belonging mean to you?
e) Do all the above again but in the concept of Not Belonging.

2. Link each of these terms with Belonging/Not Belonging:
a) Personal
b) Public identity (how you are seen)
c) Gender
d) Group
e) Relationship
f) Community
g) Place
h) Culture
i) History
j) Understanding
k) Acceptance
l) Alienation
m) Absence