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HSC Belonging Rubric

This is the HSC Belonging rubric. In your study of Belonging there are a list of texts that the Board of Study sets for school to explore atleast one. Here is the list:

Prose Fiction (pf) or Nonfiction (nf)

  • Tan, Amy, The Joy Luck Club, Vintage/Random House, 1994, ISBN-13: 9780749399573 (pf)
  • Lahiri, Jhumpa, The Namesake, HarperCollins, 2007, ISBN-13: 9780007245895 (pf) or Lahiri, Jhumpa, The Namesake, HarperCollins, 2004, ISBN: 9780006551805

  • Dickens, Charles, Great Expectations, Penguin Red Classics, 2006, ISBN-13: 9780141023533 (pf)

  • Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer, Heat and Dust, John Murray/Hachette, 2003, ISBN-13: 9780719561771 (pf)

  • Winch, Tara June, Swallow the Air, University of Queensland Press, 2006, ISBN-13: 9780702235214 (pf)

  • Gaita, Raymond, Romulus, My Father, Text Publishing, May 2007, ISBN-13: 9781921145759 (nf) or Gaita, Raimond, Romulus, My Father, Text Publishing, 1999, ISBN: 9781876485177

- - - OR - - -

Drama (d) or Film (f) or Shakespeare (S)

  • Miller, Arthur, The Crucible: A Play in Four Acts, Penguin Modern Classics, 2000, ISBN: 9780141182551

  • Harrison, Jane, ‘Rainbow’s End’ from Cleven,Vivienne et al (eds), Contemporary Indigenous Plays, Currency Press, 2007, ISBN-13: 9780868197951 (d)

  • Luhrmann, Baz, Strictly Ballroom, Fox, 1992 (f)

  • De Heer, Rolf, Ten Canoes, 2006, AV Channel/Madman (f)

  • Shakespeare, William, As You Like It, New Cambridge Shakespeare, 2001, ISBN-13: 9780521294126; or Cambridge School Shakespeare, 2000, ISBN-13: 9780521666367 (S)

- - - OR - - -


  • Skrzynecki, Peter, Immigrant Chronicle, University of Queensland Press, 2002, ISBN-13: 9780702233876

  • ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’, ‘St Patrick’s College’, ‘Ancestors’, ‘10 Mary Street’, ‘Migrant Hostel’, ‘Postcard’, ‘In the Folk Museum’

  • Dickinson, Emily, Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson (James Reeves ed),Heinemann Education, 1959, ISBN-13: 9780435150235
    66 ‘This is my letter to the world’, 67 ‘I died for beauty but was scarce’, 82 ‘I had been hungry all the years’, 83 ‘I gave myself to him’, 127 ‘A narrow fellow in the grass’, 154 ‘A word dropped careless on the page’, 161 ‘What mystery pervades a well!’, 181 ‘Saddest noise, the sweetest noise’

  • Herrick, Steven, The Simple Gift, University of Queensland Press, 2000, ISBN-13: 9780702231339

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