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What is Belonging

What is belonging and what does it mean to belong or not belong? The word can be ambiguous and means different things to different people, depending on their outlook on life, social status and history. Here is a collection of how the term, Belonging, can be defined from different perspectives.

1. Belonging is knowing who you are, through trials and struggles, that you will be familiar with yourself and can understand the reasons for your uniqueness.

2. Belonging is not only about being accepted into a circle, but earning that place. Not just a member, but a leader.

3. To belong, you must first know what you want.

4. It is possible to belong in an environment in which you are rejected because belonging is about how you see the environment, not how the environment sees you.

5. Being true to yourself and being who you want to be is the perfect definition of belonging. Being accepted into a group that you do not want is not belonging.

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Posted 803 days ago
i liked it
Posted 916 days ago
This help me find my topic sentence.. is it ok if i used them in HSC ?
Posted 922 days ago
This site is just the MERE BASICS i guess to get you started to get your head around things, but ultimately what YOU PUT IN contributes to your mark, not copying this site.
it helped me get a sound foundation/ understanding of belonging, but i know that i ultimately have to come up with a creative story based on this information (damn how i hate creative writing)
Posted 928 days ago
this site helped heaps
Posted 928 days ago
The guys who commented below me are all limp- -BLOCKED- ed, no future spawns of satan.
Posted 1076 days ago
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Posted 1076 days ago
what does igoeaoi mean
Posted 1076 days ago
what does igoeaoi mean
Posted 1094 days ago
don't listen to this site!!!!!!
Posted 1094 days ago
umm what eves don't needs this doesn't make any sence
Posted 1142 days ago
sick info... site is terrible
Posted 1446 days ago
this site is not so bad