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The term, belongingness, refers to a human need to be accepted and included into a group such as family, friends, school, co-workers, a guild, school or even a sport team. Human has a special desire to belong somewhere in order to experience something greater than themselves. The reason of belongingness is for the need for a strong and stable relationship with others around us. This not only implies to romantic relationships and affection, but also socialism.

A physician, Abraham Maslow, has given the idea that belonging is a major aspect to motivate humans. There are five other basic needs for a person to be happy that includes safety, self-actualization, self-esteem and physiological requirements. However, these needs are so important to a person's health that it can't be just satisfied by having them; they need to be satisfied in a specific order to feel love and acceptance. If only a few of them is met, an individual also cannot feel completely loved.

There is a theory that the human nature to belong is due to evolution. In history, being in a group of a clan was essential in surviving. People had languages and cultures that only exists within a group, as well as hunting and cooking in groups. This allowed the members to share their thoughts with each other to insure their own survival by exchanging knowledge and ideas, like investing from each other. But in recent years in the west, this is not the case. People may not want to be to tribes in order to live, but because of the want to protect the members in their group and feel needed.

To be included within a group, a person may express or cover certain parts of their personalities and live to whoever they are trying to impress. This is call self-presentation or 'wearing a mask'. For example, many businessman and teachers does not show their funny and soft side, instead, be serious and formal all through the way. This is a tactic for them to impress the members in the group they are trying to belong.

People join groups in which they have interested like cooking, fashion, career paths, etc. Genuine speaking, these people are trying to seek people that are like them. People feel satisfied and accepted when people around them are also like them.