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Belonging to Asian Immigrants

Being Asian-born in a western country like the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia can be a difficult thing. Clashes in cultures and languages can cause great barriers between parents and children, and in many times, the kids of these immigrants parents go through many stages to realize who they are.

The first stage in these Asian American people first realizes their differences at a young age, such as during school. Many of them experience the way of life their parents bring them through are different to their friends and can affect their social development, eating manners, dress codes and even their likes and dislikes. Because the culture between the East and West is so separated and almost opposite from each other, American born children can have a hard time fitting in. Playing soccer and football may be seen as bad, and having fun in the mud is an instant no-no. Visiting friends is a big taboo and getting good grades is a must.

Studies have shown that once an Asian person migrates over to a European country, their sense of keeping up with fashion, society and culture from their home country immediately stops. This explains the reason why so many Asian-American students suffer from depression, including some leading to suicide, while in Asia, the number is declining. The mind of parents living in Asia like China, Korea and Japan has changed to a new updated view that education is not the only aspect worth living for. However, this philosophy is still engraved to the Asians in western countries, so therefore, making their children, who are trying to keep up with time, to suffer.

Another issue is the language barrier. A survey has shown that more than 80% of Asian-Americans can?t speak their ethnic?s language such as Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean or Japanese. It is a well agreed reality that communication between parents and children is very important element, especially during the teenage years. Because many Asian families do not have this chance, the thoughts between these two classes cannot understand each other and therefore causes misunderstanding.

On the good news, a lot of young people in America are setting up counseling and social groups for families to understand each other as a way to fit in and belong. Belonging in a society different to your parents is a hard thing at first because the child?s life is still in the hands of their parents. However as time grows and help reaches out to Asian immigrants, a brighter awaits their children.