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The Climax is the most important part of the storyline. It is when either failure or success is determined at the great turning point. This is basically what the whole story would be remembered for!

Use what you had in the Rising Action to solve the problem, and make it exciting! Be brave! Make your character fight for their life, jump off cliffs, play with fire, and just other action-packed things to keep your readers glued!

One great technique is to make your character give up all their strength to fight what they are aiming for. If you choose a battlefield, let the soldiers use all their power and weapon. If it is about the girl trying to fit in, let her use all her guts and do something unexpected. When this happen, let the character fail! Yes, fail! The reason for this is it would make the reader instantly get an urge for a miracle or something to happen. Basically they see it isn't fair. At this time, it is when you write about the heart. What does Belonging really means to you? Is it about being accepted for being who you are? This should be one of the most emotional scenes in the plot, putting their faith on self belief. Express your thoughts and your moral beliefs, and then use this to let the character succeeds. What I would write for the army after failing is one of the soldiers would suddenly remember his family back home and gets the inspiration he is here fighting for them. He reaches for his gun, meditates on his energy and with his last hope of energy, destroys his enemy. Right after this, the joy from the reader will increase dramatically, and if you're lucky, you've just inspired the examiners to increase your mark!

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