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There are five main stages in every plot development: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution. These five parts are essential in every story and if used efficiently, your story can have a dramatic plot that will keep your reader (examiners) anticipated! So pay attention!

In this part I will concentrate on Exposition.

You must first remember that whatever you write, you MUST write them in paragraphs. I know this is a bit of a "primary school" teaching, but seriously there are still many people that put everything into one big block of text, and it is very frustrating! DO NOT DO IT!

Exposition is basically describing the setting and the main characters. This should only take up a few paragraphs. It does not need to relate to Belonging, because you are just basically creating the scene. In the exam that I did, I remember having to write a short story based on three pictures. This is where you should include the pictures. Is it a warehouse? In a train station? Describe and make it unique! And don't make obvious stuff you know everyone will write about. Think of something out of this world (oh yeah, do not write fantasy unless you are told to because the examiners are looking for something that has logic. So basically you can't have spells or magic potions to make everything perfect, because it's kind of like a cheat) or something just totally random! Tactics you can use is choosing a letter and write about the first word that comes up starting with that letter. So for P, write about pork!

Things you need to remember in this stage are including names, traits, and what the character wants to do. This is like that arrow. However don't get too into it because you are just meant to explore the setting. Do not include the plot or problem yet!

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