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Rising Action

Now that you've mastered the Exposition stage, we'll move on to Rising Action. This part is where you are to lead the plot to the climax, or to the place where the most interesting thing happen!

Start by creating the plot. Put some difficulty in the situation. Some people asks me what type of a plot they should use for Belonging, and I always reply to avoid the popular crowd and obvious. So don't write about simple problems like a girl moving into a new town and can't fit in. This is stupid! You will NOT get the best marks! Write something unique and something a normal person would not even think it connects to Belonging. For my story I wrote about a toy robotic dog climbing up a telegraph pole to reach a paper plane. Now that's unique and totally random!

One secret strategy I use is to try to have the characters try to fix the problem but keeps making mistakes until the plot gets extremely twisted. Let every new introduction to a theme have its own small plot as well. For example if the girl wants to find a place to sit at lunch, the minor plot of it would be first trying to overcome her shyness. Add lot of details about the struggles the characters had to face, including conflicts and pitfalls.

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