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Sample Questions

You may be asked to write a creative writing based on these questions. They can be quotations, a visual text/image/picture/photography, etc. Here are a few to practice on.

1. Use these quotations as the focal point of your story.
a) "If I lived in Japan, my life would be perfect."
b) "Why don't I have any friends? I want to conform..."
c) "I don't feel like going anywhere because I never get noticed."
d) "Despite what have happened, my future is bright because I am now rich."
e) "I hated this place... but I'm going to be here for the next six months...

2. Start you story with these quotations.
a) "The door was locked."
b) "Brett Emmerson ran home in tears. The party was not the way he thought it to be."
c) "Just like Britney Spears, Elisha Leonard loved her life but at the same time, did not."
d) "Am I the idiot? Or them?"
e) "No matter where I went, everyone followed me."

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