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Study Tips

I hear so much about people not knowing how to study or do well at school and not having the correct HSC Belonging notes. Okay, here's the secret the world and all the nerds had been keeping away from you...

Be Organised

Work out what you need to do and then decide which one is more important. Give equal times for all your jobs so that you'll won't lose time on other work which may be just as important. It is also a good idea to use your study diary.

File Your Notes

To make things more easier and cleaner, put all your different subjects notes into seperate folders or files. When you get home from school, transfer all your notes and handouts into the correct folders. This can then be divided further into different topics. By doing this, you can now organise what notes should be study and how you can find them more easier.

Set Goals

Set an aim for every subject in your study sessions, such as getting question 3 done. Set goals that you can actually achieve. However don't set vague goals such as studying for one hour because you may just be day dreaming during that time and then say the goal is accomplished. You need to clearly identify what your goal is.


Find the principle of what you are studying for. If it is English, find the moral or reason of the story. If it is Maths, identify the formula.

Get Practicle

Using your study notes, make more notes out of it and draw pictures, write comments, etc. to let you practise the key ideas and facts instead of just memorising by reading.


Stay focus on what you are dong. Don't wonder away day dreaming or thinking you'll do it later! Try not to stay in the same position all the time! Stand up sometimes. Another way is to put sticky notes around your desk. If something suddenly pops up in your mind like getting a present for your friend, write it down on the pad and think about it later.


You will forget stuff as you learn new things! You must get into a habit or revising! If you study for a topic test and then forget about everything after it, you are actually putting all your studying time to waste no matter if you passed the test or not. Remember, the HSC exam is based on everything you did during year 12 and sometimes year 11! You've got to revise, revise, and revise. I know a friend that hang notes around her house so that she won't forget things. Lol!