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During your stressful year of your HSC I know there will be lot of times where you'll just want to hide away and give up - DON'T! Believe in yourself and aim for the highest star! When I'm feeling down and think the world had put me in the corner, there are some inspirational things that would always get me on my feet again. I have decided to share some of them with you!


The Pokemon Opening Songs - I'm not crazy. Seriously the songs that revives me and pushes my confidence are the Pokemon songs! Yes, they're for little kids, but listen to the lyric! They are VERY inspirational! And there's something I found out that's a real kicker - when singing the song, instead of saying 'Pokemon' say 'HSC'! It really goes well! Here's an example ...HSC, that's my destiny... OMG! Look how well that sounded!

The Heart of Everything by Within Temptation - This is a bit of a gothic rock song, but I find this song to be really touching! Instead of just closing off from the world, open up your eyes! Just listen to it!


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - This is my all time favourite book that I have read many times! There is also a booklet. Its main message is to use your mind, believe in what you want to happen and then succeed!

The Holy Bible - I know this is a controversal book, but this had really changed my life and others as well! No matter what your religion is, still give this book a try! You don't have to believe in it or anything, just look for the inspirational message!